Derfor Er Det Så Fedt At Løbe Stærkt

That’s Why It’s So Great To Run Fast

BA graduation project at KADK


Concept, art direction, illustration, animation, sound.

Voice-over: Tao Kitamoto.

Text based on an article by Anders Legarth.


My BA graduation project from Visual Communication at KADK.

Based on a text by the journalist and author Anders Legarth, this project focuses on creating an animated visual story about the great power of running fast, and how it can give more energy to give attention to the important parts of life – like baking a cake with your daughter.

During my 3 years of studying at the BA in Visual Communication, I became more and more fascinated with how I could make a story come to live, by using animation and illustration as narrative tools. Therefore, I chose to use the 3 months I had to create a BA graduation project to focus on getting to know frame-by-frame animation better. This project was a product of that intention.