Hidden Colors on Ancient Sculptures

KADK group project


Concept, art direction, & design: Maria Hartmann, Andreas Blinkenberg, Sara Krogsgaard, & Emilie Noer Bobek

3D work & mock-ups: Sara Krogsgaard

Sculpture illustrations & animation: Emilie Noer Bobek


A collaborative group project from my MA at KADK.

Many ancient sculptures used to be painted, but over time the colours have dissappeared so much that they are no longer visible to the eye. New technology has made it possible to find small tracks of color on the sculptures, which has made it possible for scientists to see how the sculptures used to be painted.


This project focuses on creating a proposal for a exhibition on colors on ancient sculptures on Glyptoteket in Copenhagen. Using an interactive exhibition format, the museum visitors are invited to see how the colors were used on the sculptures by pressing the color buttons in the middle of the room, which activates the projection lightning of colors directly onto the sculptures (see mockups of rooms below). The blue light mimics the UV light used by the scientists to track the colors, and the white patches are mimicking the small color tracks found on the sculptures. In this way, the museum guests are invited into the process of discovering the hidden colors on the sculptures.