I Kontakt Med Naturen
In Touch With Nature

MA graduation project, KADK


Idea, design, & animation: Emilie Noer Bobek

Sound design & music: Rasmus Mølberg Meyer


Despite nature’s great potential, spending time outdoors might seem inconvenient or boring compared to other accessible activities. This project focuses on creating an animated story for a campaign promoting using nature more, aimed at children (age 8-11) and their parents. Celebrating children’s wonderful imagination, it shows that even small interactions with nature can be great starting points for fun and play.


My main focus was to develop and design an engaging and fun storyline, a dynamic and playful visual style, and creating the animation.


The final product consists of 1 main campaign video of 1 minute 9 seconds, 1 additional video of 20 seconds for commercial spots, and a range of GIFs for use on social media.