Think Outside the Wardrobe

Group project, KADK


Concept, design, art direction, & filming: Lola Marella Ritter, Myrna D’Ambrosio, & Emilie Noer Bobek
Voice-over: Samuel Charles Barratt
Editing & sound: Lola Marella Ritter


A collaborative school project.
The fast fashion industry is consuming an insane amount of water and the high production of fabrics is harming the environment in many ways. But sometimes it can be difficult to understand and grasp the high amounts and numbers and how much of an impact they actually have. This project focuses on showing information and data on the fashion industry in a visual way, using the common white cotton t-shirt as a symbol of the fashion industry itself.


The project began as a Co-Design project, focusing on creating a boardgame-like dialogue tool to start conversations with a selection of fast fashion consumers. Here, a selection of images of the dialogue tool is seen.